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An Introduction to teaching and the curriculum taught at St Budeaux Foundation School

At St Budeaux Foundation Junior School our pupils follow the statutory requirements as set out in the National Curriculum, and the agreed syllabus for Religious Education.

The Primary Curriculum The Government has released a new National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2 which has been implemented since September 2014.

The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. At St Budeaux Foundation, we have embraced this opportunity to develop a curriculum that is relevant to our pupils in their community and our wider locality. We believe that children learn best when they feel safe and valued, when they are happy, excited, curious and actively learning. Therefore, our curriculum not only covers the requirements of the New National Curriculum but includes further learning opportunities and additional content that we feel is important for our pupils.

What influences our curriculum design?

Curriculum Drivers We have identified 3 main areas that drive our curriculum design and delivery. We aim to reflect these drivers in our curriculum provision wherever possible:

Self-awareness encourages pupils to understand themselves, their emotions and their relationships with others. It encourages understanding of personal health, safety and self-responsibility.
Aspirations challenges pupils to be the very best that they can be both now and in their future lives by taking risks, setting and meeting challenges, by persevering and being resilient. It aims to broaden pupil awareness of the many possibilities for their future and the choices they will have as adults.
Our Communities engages pupils in their school, local, National and Global communities. It promotes pupils  understanding of the wider world and their role within it as citizens.

Curriculum Entitlements Alongside this, our Curriculum reflects our belief that how children learn is as important as what children learn. We have identified key entitlements in our curriculum planning. Our entitlements are planned activities that we feel all children have the right to experience during their time at St Budeaux Foundation School. These entitlements really put learning into context. They aim to provide new experiences that enthuse and engage pupils, inspiring them to take their learning further. These can range from performing to an audience, taking part in a group project, visiting new places, enjoying club activities with friends, learning how to swim, sail or how to ride a bike.

Core skills curriculum In order for our learners to have successful futures, we recognise that carefully planned provision for skills within Literacy and Numeracy is vital. In order to support this, we use consistent schemes and approaches. The Fresh Start Literacy programme is designed to get our younger pupils reading as quickly as possible. Working in conjunction with our feeder infant school, our children learn through this synthetic phonics approach to acquiring reading and early writing skills. This begins in the Early Years phase of school. Once children have become fluent and competent readers, they progress on to the Talk for Write and Big Write programmes which further refine their reading comprehension and ensure that our children become competent writers for a range of purposes. Both programmes include crucial aspects of speaking and listening which widen pupil use and understanding of vocabulary. We are also embedding our Renaissance Reading Scheme, which has encouraged the children to read more carefully and better understand what they are reading.  The children enjoy the visual positive stimulus from the quizzes taken.  Pupils are motivated to read both at home and in school, we encourage participation in a Summer holiday reading challenge, run by the Library service. The reading curriculum is further supported by a well-stocked library.

At St Budeaux Foundation School, we have a very proud record of developing children's mathematical awareness and providing challenge and support for children at all ability levels. We 'set' our numeracy classes expecting each group to differentiate their planning three ways. We vary our teaching methodology according to the learning needs of each class, providing extra support for pupils who need help to develop extra confidence. Our Visual Maths style has supported in the understanding of maths concepts and to extend their learnig.  Through haveing a better understanding the children have grown, not only in a bility but also in confidence. Embedded in our core skills curriculum are rigorous assessments, aimed at identifying individual pupil needs and future provision.

Our teachers meet with the Governors and Head teacher every 6 weeks in order to assess pupil progress and to tailor intervention so that all may succeed.

Extended Learning We are committed to children learning beyond the school day. At St Budeaux Foundation we run a whole host of Extra-Curricular activities for all ages, from a variety of sports opportunities, to art and craft clubs, high energy dance and cooking club. In addition to this we host a very popular breakfast club and run in association with our feeder infant school an extended provision service (Plaistation) which looks after children until 5.15pm during the school week.

Residential opportunities are also offered within our curriculum, this year the Year 5 pupils spending one night on a Dartmoor Outdoor and Adventurous team building and self awareness course.  The Year 6 children participated on a Dartmoor Outdoor and Adventurous team building and self awareness course (Pixies Holt) in a 5 day residential, learning how to overcome personal challenges with the help and support of friends. This year the Year 5 children will be carrying out some amazing activities at the Torquay centre and the Year 6 children will be immersing themselves in conservation at the Eden Project.  

Assessing the New Primary National Curriculum From September 2014, the government has removed the expectation that schools use curriculum levels to assess children. Schools have been asked to develop their own system that they feel meets their needs. Schools will still need to be able to show evidence of the good progress the children are making. St Budeaux Foundation School have developing a structure for summative assessment that best demonstrates pupil progress within the New National Curriculum framework.

We are very proud of our students, and staff and all of the hard work that they put into making St Budeaux Foundation such an amazing learning environment.