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Governor Training Record

Governors were represented at the following training sessions:


St Budeaux Governor training part one (provided online by Karen Powell) 10.11.2020

Roles of the Governors 29.11.2016

Evidence Portfolio 28.11.2016

Writing Reports 22.11.2016

Headteacher - Governors Descriptors 21.11.2016

SEND training 21.11.2016

Safeguarding in a Digital World 21.11.2016

Headteacher Report 08.11.2016

Chairs' and Clerks' Update (session 2) 06.10.2016

headteacher Appraisal 05.10.2016

Clerk - skills for new clerk 23.09.2016

Looking after your headteacher's health and well-being 21.09.2016

Writing Effective Minutes - for Clerks and Chairs 15.09.2016

Looking after the Headteacher 15.9.2016

Headteachers Performance Management 15.09.2016

Future of Schools and the Governor's Role within them 13.10.2015

Safeguarding and Ofsted 10.03.2015

Financial Management Refresher for Maintained Schools 15.09.15

Healthy and Safety - Link Governors inc. Risk Assessment 14.05.2015

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) 19.05.2014

Working with Coordinators 10.03.2014

Asking Challenging questions 23.10.2013

New Governor Induction 05.06.2013

Working with Parents 25.03.2013

New Governor Induction 28.01.2013

Ofsted Training 05.12.2012

Monitoring and Evaluating for Success 12.10.2005