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A very thought provoking piece of writing by Ruby in year 5

At this time of year when we are rushing around like headless chickens, preparing for the Christmas season, it was humbling to read a piece of writing which one of the children had written. It was written, following working with Mr Clifford, the author, on Monday. I will let you read and it and leave you to make your own mind up.


Everywhere, people hoping some day for a home.

They would even prefer not to be so bored.

They’re sat on the streets 24 hours a day, wondering why they’re being ignored.

Nowhere to sleep and nowhere to eat!

The same old clothes all baggy and ripped.

They’ve got nowhere to shower.

They’re feeling invisible with nothing to do.

Day, after day, after day, their lifestyle doesn’t change.

No celebrations, No holidays.

Being walked past by thousands of people, millions of people, street after street. Just sat in the path.

Sickness, hunger, dehydration, coldness, no one finds it fun!

Ruby Y5