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Alfie, the poet in year 6

The children in year 6 have been working on poetry and Alfie in year 6 wrote a wonderful verse as an addition to the poem below.


Under a Magnificent Star (the last verse is by Alfie Y6)


Under a magnificent star, a humble man was born.


In a lowly stable centuries ago,

Curious cattle bowed their heads down low,

As they bore witness to a miraculous moment,

When Jesus was born for our atonement. 


A harmonious chorus with angelic acoustic,

Sang songs that proclaimed this child as majestic,

And the shepherds who dutifully guarded their sheep,

Came to see the precious baby as he did sleep.


They knelt before him as silent as statues,

In awe and wonder at the child’s great virtues,

And a lamb was a gift they gave to him,

With their vow to live their lives without sin.


Then there came the wise men, of which there were three,

Who followed the star that shone magnificently,

Their gifts were for a king: frankincense, gold and myrrh,

And the promise that Herod would not know where they were. 


With true adoration, Joseph and Mary looked on,

As they realised fully, the Christ as their son.

A star that would shine for all to see,

Whose life would be lived to set us free.


(Alfie's verse)

A baby is here ready to tell,

Everyone in the world he’s Immanuel,

He is here to save them from their sins,

He’s a gift to us it’s him!


Under a magnificent star, a humble man was born.