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Media Hype

Good afternoon everyone. It was brought to my attention yesterday that there were numerous children who were feeling vulnerable due to the chatter of some children about the information in the media and on social media about clowns. I needed to clarify with the children some facts as some were very worried. I made make it clear that this all started with an advertising campaign for a film that has gone a bit silly. I advised them that there was nothing to worry about as this was some silly behaviour of some people. The children told me who they could talk to in school and at home if they were worried. I also said that children could talk to me after collective worship if they were worried, I spoke to numerous children and I also spoke to numerous children during the lunchtime about this issue. I have made it very clear that this is not something I want children talking about to upset other children in the school. If you could talk to your children to reassure them and to ensure that they understand how talking about this at school can make some children feel uncomfortable that would be much appreciated. Thank you Mrs Drage