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School Council 2017-2018


We hope you have had a great summer.  We are looking forward to electing our new school council.  This will be carried out in classes during the first couple of weeks.  We will update you as soon as this has been carried out.  

Our School Council are elected representatives from each class, who meet with Mrs Drage, our Deputy Headteacher, each week. The Council discuss ways in which to improve the learning experience in school and help us to come up with ideas to make learning more fun. The council helps us to raise money to support the education of two Ugandan children. They are a great team.

Summer Term
The new school council has now been chosen and we will be displaying their pictures in the school very soon.  

The new school council have already been feeding back information from the children in their classes.  They have been asking which bible verses they would like to see around the school.  They have also been involved in thinking about which charities they would like to support for the next academic year.  We will keep you updated with our activities over the coming term.  

Spring Term 
The new school council has now been chosen and we will be displaying their pictures in the school v
The school council have had a meeting and would like to share with you all of the interesting things that have been going on around school recently.  We were sorry to see Mr Wheeler leave us for a new job last term.  However, we are pleased to share that we have a new teacher in year 4, she is called Mrs Moscrip.  The children in year 4 say that she is, "clever, wonderful and kind."  

We are happy to welcome back Mrs Sturgeon to year 3.  The children have been enjoying getting to know her and have said that she is, "kind and polite."  

Last term we had an amazing challenge where the children took part in a "spelling bee". For the spelling bee we collected sponsors for how many spellings we got correct or just for taking part.  We competed against our class to see who were the best spellers.  However, even if the children weren't the best spellers they still really enjoyed taking part.  

We had some really important visitors recently, called the Ofsted inspectors.  They came to inspect the school to find out how much learning takes place.  We found them polite and respectful and they were really fun to talk to. The inspection outcome will be shared with parents on Friday, when the inspection report will be sent home.  

We are proud to announce that the year 5 and 6 football team have taken part in league, cup matches and tournaments.  They have been great ambassadors for the school and proudly represented us.  They also played brilliantly.  

Autumn Term
Recently they have been carrying out interviews for a prospective new teacher and teaching assistant. They have been extremely professional and taken it all very seriously, to ensure the right person is chosen to join our school family.

There will be a new collective worship questionnaire for the children to partake in to evaluate their thoughts and feelings in connection with collective worship in the school. This information will then be collated and will be used to adapt further collective worship sessions.

The school council gave feedback connected to the Child Assault Prevention (CAP) training that took place throughout the school. The classes thought that the training was incredibly helpful and had definitely helped in making them feel Safe, Strong and Free (the motto learnt by the children).

The children have been thinking about how to encourage the year 3 children to enjoy the marvellous school dinners that are on offer at out school. They have come up with some great ideas, which have now been shared with the kitchen staff. We are working on the year 3 children having a tasting afternoon, where they can taste a variety of scrumptious foods that are on offer at lunchtimes. We are also in the process of asking the year 3 children to choose a particular lunch so that they can come and have that lunch but to make it more fun we are going to invite parents in to join their children for their special lunch. More information on this will follow soon. The school council are also going to be making posters to put up around the year 3 classrooms after the half term break.

The council were given positive feedback in connection with their chosen mufti days this term and are looking forward to choosing the mufti for the coming term (lets hope that they aren't too outlandish).  

The school council have really enjoyed their time as school council member but now is the time for them to relinquish their roles and pass on the badge to new members. We look forward to introducing the new members to you in the new term. The school council wish you a very happy Christmas.