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Spring Term - Ancient Greeks.


Welcome back to a new term in Year 4/5. Our topic this term is the Ancient Greeks. We have loved welcoming everyone back and dedicating a whole day to our new topic. This is known as a 'Hook Day' and it aims to hook all the children in to our fantastic topic. We started the day by receiving Greek passports and travelling back in time to Ancient Greece. We then became Historians who studied a HUGE catalogue of books to find out more about Ancient Greek times. We then changed our research to the different city states and each table became known as Sparta, Athens, Olympia or Troy and the challenge was to prove that their city state was the BEST in Ancient Greece. 


After our research-packed morning, we spent the afternoon writing our names in Greek and used Ancient Greek patterns to create borders. By the end of all our excitement, we headed down to the chapel where we sampled traditional Greek food. The boys ate separately to the girls - just like they would have done back then.

Thank you at home for all your super efforts with costume and contributions towards our food. You have helped make our first day back a success. laugh

Ancient Greeks - Topic Hook Day

Science - Materials and their properties.

Our science this half term has been fantastic! The children have been really engaged and have enjoyed getting stuck in to lots of experiments.We have spent time looking at different materials and their properties and deciding how we can classify them. We have put together fair tests to find the strongest material and come to conclusions why. We have even tested nappies to compare absorbency! However, the children's favourite investigation to date was all around dissolving. They understand the difference between insoluble and soluble materials and have carried out observations to put their predictions to the test. 

Why not challenge your children over the half term holidays to investigate other soluble and insoluble materials? It's great fun. laugh

Absorbency and Dissolving Investigation.

Welcome back!

I hope you have all had an amazing summer. It's been an absolute pleasure to start this year with your children - they have certainly come back enthused and ready to learn.


This term our topic is the Vikings and we have kick-started it by reading the fantastic 'How to Train Your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. The children will be making, creating, researching, investigating, writing, performing- the list goes on. It's going to be a great topic to start the year and we hope they enjoy it as much as we have putting it together.


You will soon receive a copy of our term overview where you can find out everything that we are doing. Please read this carefully as it includes information about PE and contact details for our Year 4/5 team.


Watch this space for regular class updates and photos of all the wonderful things we will be doing. And don't forget; the door is always open smiley


Mrs Moger, Miss Drage and Mrs Cameron.