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At St. Budeaux Foundation, we raise the profile of personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) and develop children's knowledge, skills, and attributes in order to keep the children safe, secure and mentally and physically healthy. We aim to develop children’s self-belief and confidence to help them understand and respect the world around them and to prepare them for later life. Although the children have specific PSHE lessons, we incorporate PSHE education throughout the curriculum.  In addition, we follow a PSHE scheme of work that allows children to learn about a variety of subjects that are needed within life such as money, relationships, mental and physical health, cultural diversity and change.  We look at the British values of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance throughout PSHE learning to allow children to better understand the world around them. 


We also place great importance on the development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) of the children and aim to develop their sense of self and awareness of the world. We promote good moral judgement, understanding of the law and ethical issues. We encourage social awareness, good relationships and the children’s participation in activities that engage with the local community. We develop cultural awareness and a respect for diversity.






PSHE is incorporated wherever possible within curriculum subjects as well as being  taught once a week, every other half term to allow for in depth personalised learning in each class. Children in the school know that we place a high value on health and wellbeing and they understand why and how we use our PSHE lessons to develop our own understanding through discussion to get a variety of opinions. They know that British values are celebrated through school, and we take part in country wide events such as jubilees and elections and discuss how these affect our lives inside and outside of school. The children learn how to keep themselves and others safe through our PSHE curriculum and CAP (Children's Assault Prevention) training and understand that this helps us as children and as adults. Our current PSHE curriculum allows children to study a variety of subjects such as team building, Britain, money, relationships, safety, the wider world and thinking positively. All of these subjects better equip children for the future and teach basic personal self-care.  


Like PSHE, SMSC is taught within a range of subjects in the curriculum and collective worship. The children develop their sense of self and others and are encouraged to explore beliefs and experience and to reflect on themselves and others in the world. They are given time to reflect and use their imagination and creativity. They are taught the difference between right and wrong by considering consequences and investigating moral and ethical issues. Children develop socially within school with the promotion of good choices and our school values of love, forgiveness, respect and joy. The children are encouraged to engage with the local community and develop an appreciation of cultural differences and to understand, respect and celebrate diversity.  






Children develop confidence and self-belief and are able to express their opinions. They know how to create better relationships between families, friends and general society. They develop resilience and a variety of lifelong skills into their adulthood and have a general understanding of how things work, and how people should treat each other. Children will have a general knowledge about British values such as law and mutual respect. They learn about how our country is run, such as in banking, the royal family, what parliament does, how voting works and how this affects the country and ourselves. Our PSHE/SMSC curriculum is taught through a variety of means, including throughout our RE, science and PE curriculum and children know that we use the skills learned throughout PSHE/SMSC in our general school environment and relationships. Through the development of their understanding within PSHE/ SMSC children approach adulthood as well rounded, fulfilled and happy individuals.