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           At St. Budeaux Foundation, we aim to raise the profile of sport and active lifestyles across the school and encourage children to take up physical activity. The startling truth is that 33% of children leaving KS2 in the UK are now obese, and the life expectancy of those children is reduced by 5 years. Therefore, we feel that it is more important than ever for our young children to build healthy, active lifestyles that also promote other aspects of well-being such as good emotional and mental health. In addition, we promote positive values that can be developed through sport in order to help the children to develop into well-rounded individuals. We also aim to provide children with a balanced and varied curriculum that enables them to develop their physical skills as they move up the school, covering traditional sports as well as outdoor and adventurous activities. As part of this we also ensure that staff is training up-to-date to enable staff to confidently deliver high quality PE lessons.



          In order to develop positive attitudes to physical fitness, we have embedded the daily mile and wake and shake sessions into our school day and we regularly supplement this with mindfulness yoga and Joe Wicks workouts which the children love. Through our subscription to Plymouth Schools Sport Partnership (PSSP) we are able to arrange for groups of children to visit other schools and venues to take part in sport. We have taken part in activities such as Boccia, Football and Bell-boating which adds to the variety in our curriculum. The children also receive certificates for their participation. Our focus on the School Games Mark allows us to promote the values of passion, self-belief, respect, honesty, determination and teamwork, all of which are shared on our School Games Mark board along with the children's match reports. Our curriculum has moved away from schemes of work which enables us to be more creative and to provide a wider variety of sporting activities. Children are able to progress in their skill development by applying similar skills to different sports, for example, children begin with Basketball in Year 3 and develop their skills further in Netball in Year 5, as well as progressing from Hockey in Year 4 to Tri-Golf in Year 5. We have expanded our outdoor and adventurous activities to include Orienteering and Archery in Year 5 and 6. Areas for development in teaching are identified through discussion with staff and appropriate continuing professional development is put in place as a result.



           Children in the school know that we place a high value on physical fitness and they understand why they are taking part in the mile a day and wake shake. They know that sporting achievements are celebrated and that this applies to both school sports and those carried out outside of school. They are able to share their achievements in our celebration assembly and match reports and accompanying photos are shared on the School Games Mark board as well as our school Facebook page. Our children understand that it is important to build good sporting values and are able to demonstrate these values in events such as It's A Knockout and our annual Sports Day. They also have a good awareness of what it means to be healthy and enjoy taking part in awareness days such as our mental health open day and fundraising to purchase a school defibrillator. The children are happy with the variety of sports on offer and our after-school clubs are usually fully subscribed. Teacher confidence is improving through greater freedom over the curriculum and continuing professional development.