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Pupils have the opportunity to build on skills learnt from one year to the next to become confident geographers. They will extend their knowledge beyond the local area to include Europe and North and South America. They will locate the world's countries using maps (books, globes, Google Earth and Google Maps etc) with confidence. They will use grid references and consider the use of a compass to help them understand the wider world. Pupils will be given the opportunity to study significant human and physical features - including the study of volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, rivers, mountains and the water cycle. They will increase their knowledge of environmental regions and their key physical and human characteristics and use this knowledge to make comparisons of places. Pupils will carry out further study of human geography and consider types of settlement and land use, trade links and natural resources. We make use of our local area and make observations and indulge in field work to support our learning and understanding.



The Geography curriculum is delivered to pupils in a range of different formats. It will often be intertwined with History.

  • Regular geography lessons

  • Vocabulary lesson – related direct to topic. With a focus on the meaning of topic words, pupils have the platform to boost cultural capital.

  • School trips and guest speakers.

  • Hook days - deep exploration of a topic and providing a stimulus for further enquiry and curiosity.

  • Deep dive days - collapsed curriculum days to allow opportunity for further study e.g. a place of interest, local study day, land slides and other historic natural diasters. 

  • Work is added to the 'whole school working wall' for all pupils to celebrate and develop curiosity across other year groups.



Pupils are given the opportunity to measure their own success by a comparison of subject knowledge at the start and end of the topic. This is facilitated through quizzes, mind maps, posters, pupil feedback and questionnaires. Pupils will be successful in applying and building upon existing skills from topic to topic, year to year and their curiosity and eagerness to know more about the world that we live in will deepen as they progress through school. 


National Curriculum KS2 Geography

Geography subject overview 2020-2021

SBFS Long Term Plan 2020- 2021

Geography KS2 skills progression 2020 - 2021