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Welcome to St Budeaux Foundation C of E (Aided) Junior School.  
St Budeaux Foundation is a friendly school with a family atmosphere.  We are one of the oldest schools in Plymouth if not the oldest!  Which means that we have had a lot of practice at what we do and we make sure that we do it well.  We have close links with St Budeaux Church.  We are extremely proud to be a GOOD Church of England school but ensuring that our children are able to flourish and be able to live life to the full is more important to us than anything else.  We work closely with other schools around the locality and other church schools, to ensure that the children get the best education they can.  We are proud to be a fully inclusive school and welcome all faiths and backgrounds.  


As a Church of England school, we regularly carry out special events connected to the Christian Calendar.  We are lucky to be part of a busy RE subject leaders’ hub and we work collaboratively with other church schools in and around Plymouth.  We have had a whole school trip to Exeter Cathedral. Where we, made made mosaics and stain glass windows, listened to stories and came together for a lovely collective worship.  We have also been involved in a ‘Big Crib’ project which involved every child decorating squares which were then stuck  on to life size models of the nativity scene.  Our school council children spent the day with pupils from other church schools at St Andrews church making our sheep and one of the kings.  The finish product was the whole nativity scene, which looked amazing. The scene was displayed in the church all over the Christmas period so lots of people could see our collaborative work. We have also been involved in the ‘whole story’ project.  Our church schools put together the whole story of Jesus from the Nativity through to now, as Christians believe God is still with us.  Our year fives bravely stuck their feet into paint to create footprints, these were then used to create the story of Pentecost.  The joint venture was then displayed in St Andrews church. We are lucky enough to have an annual service with all the church schools in and around Plymouth, where we are joined by members of the Exeter Church Diocese and we have a truly wonderful time celebrating together in St Andrews church. Our children visit places of worship of other faiths, such as visiting the Synagogue and the Ashoka Buddhist centre.  We also have had visitors from the Christian faith and other faiths come to our school to share their stories.  We look forward to being involved in lots of exciting projects for years to come.
The children have many clubs and activities to take part in at the school.  We encourage the children to be as active as possible in these clubs and for all children to attend at least one club.  Please go to the club page to find out more.  There are particular children chosen to become involved in PEP squad, which is in partnership with MAP.  This extends the children's learning and builds their confidence.  We also carry out swimming lessons in year 4 and 5.  In addition to this, we have residential trips and/or day trips in both year 5 and year 6.  Also the children who are involved with the Goblin car building and racing have a great time, this is supported by Babcock, which is connected to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mechanics).  
We have numerous mufti days through the year, some of these being for different charities that the children have chosen to support, which is fed back to the managers of the school by the school council representatives.  We are also very involved in the Archie project which supports a local dementia home. The charities are always incredibly humbled by the donations are explain that they will be used wisely.   
The website aims to give you an overview of our school, at the same time sharing useful and important information both for students and parents.  We would appreciate it if you would give us feedback on our website in the guestbook area, or contact the school direct with any queries you may have.
Thank you for visiting!
Mrs Cathy Drage (Headteacher)


Dear Lord

We thank you for our school community.

We pray that you are at our centre as our guide, our tutor and our friend.

Help us show our love and our joy.

Help us to respect each other and offer forgiveness.

Help us to work hard in our learning,

and be the very best we can, growing together in your love and care each day.